Nor'easter News

2017-2018 Staff

Mackenzie Pettigrew

Staff Writer

Mackenzie Pettigrew is a student at the University of New England and currently studies Applied Exercise Science. She has two plans; fit prosthetics and teach patients how to use them, or become a surgeon.  She discovere...

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Miranda Hall

Staff Writer

Miranda Hall is a third year student at UNE studying psychology and liberal studies with a writing minor. Moving from a village in Ohio to New England, Miranda has become an avid traveler, studying in Japan, Spain, and France....

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Krista Bailey

Staff Writer

Krista is in her junior year of college majoring in psychology at the University of New England. She enjoys writing because it is a fun way to get her thoughts and feelings onto paper.

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Sharene Kamel

Staff Writer

Sharene is a Junior studying Neuroscience. She enjoys a good thunderstorm, fuzzy socks, and hopes to emulate The Mighty.

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Jasmine Dansereau

Staff Writer

Jasmine is a junior studying sociology at the University of New England. She is very interested in art, photography, interior design, film, and politics.

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Jesse Miller


Jesse Miller is a Visiting Assistant Lecturer in English at the University of New England and the Nor'easter News advisor.  He is the author of two novels, including his most recent book Unwrap Your Candy.  He lives in the...

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Jack Allsopp

Staff Writer

Jack is a freshman and a communications major at the University of New England. He is a part of the Rowing team and outings club. enjoys He has a passion for white water kayaking and writing about new ideas and anything that is...

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Marissa Laramie

Global EIC

Marissa is a third year student studying Public Health. She joined the team in 2016 as head of news and current events and is currently Global Editor-In Chief during her time in Tangier, Morocco. She is an avid sports fan with...

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Loren Beale

Local EIC

Loren is a third year student studying Occupational Therapy. Her passion for film and entertainment led her to join in 2016 as head of Arts and Entertainment. She has now moved on to become the local Editor-in-Chief of the publication...

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