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Conflicting Messages – Professionalism at UNE

Halie Pruitt, Staff Writer

March 8, 2016

As part of our undergraduate education, we take classes everyday, do readings, go to internships, have off campus jobs, have club positions, attend events and lectures, do lab work, write papers, present at the undergraduate symposium—all...

Smell Dating: The Good, The Bad, and The Smelly

Ashley Bankhead, Opinion Editor

March 3, 2016

For those of us who struggle finding love, there is an interesting new alternative. Online dating has reached a new level: smell dating. Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne from Useless Press started the dating site Smell Dating and now ...

Flint Water Crisis

Ashley Bankhead, Opinion Editor

February 16, 2016

Given all of the uproar about the “water crisis” in Flint, I think it’s time to have a legit conversation about the actual problems in the situation. One of the biggest issues people seem to have with the Flint situation...

D- Money, The Drug Dealer

D- Money, The Drug Dealer

February 9, 2016

Taking in the Moment: Part 2

Morgayne Nash, Editor-in-chief

February 7, 2016

My “Social Media Cleanse” was both eye opening and obnoxious. Easy as pie… or so I thought. The act of deleting social media apps from my phone was pretty simple. The effect that, that action would take on my day-to-day...

Taking in the Moment: Part 1

Morgayne Nash, Editor-in-chief

January 28, 2016

This day in age we are very open on public platforms about feelings and events during our day-to-day life. Everyone has that one friend that updates their Twitter with what time they drink their coffee in the morning, or takes...

Top Restaurants to Take Your Significant Other to in the Area

Nick LeTourneau, Sports Editor

January 26, 2016

Have you noticed it too?  The chill in the air, the way the walkways are sheer-ice, and the sharp increase in couples holding hands on their way to class. Yes, cuffing season is in full effect here in Biddeford, Maine. Don't...

Thanks for the Free Condoms! How about Pads and Pills?

Shannon Cardinal, Advising Editor

January 26, 2016

Dear UNE, Why is it that if I forget a pad on campus, I’m being charged $0.50 by machines that are often clogged or empty, but condoms are free and available by the basket? We have an entire event dedicated to making it rain...

Friends Reunion False Alarm

Morgayne Nash, Editor-in-chief

January 17, 2016

As someone who is a self-diagnosed "Friends Addict", this upcoming Friends Reunion was a rollercoaster of emotions. From smiles to anger, to forgiveness and tears, it was like watching the series all over again in a span of a...