Nor'easter News

Do I Really Need These Shower Shoes?

Samantha Beckwith, Contributor

August 20, 2015

  You've heard it a thousand times from your mom and dad, your older siblings and cousins, the Orientation Leaders, and every website with a college packing list: shower shoes are a must. Most of us pack a pair of flip-...

UNE Celebrates 45th Annual Earth Month

Jordan Tate and Jordan Tate

April 27, 2015

April 22nd marked the 45th annual Earth Day. Earth Month has long been a student organized and student celebrated event. While overall sustainability is the major motivation of Earth Month, this year’s focus centered on loc...

Nor’easters Increase Body Image Awareness

Morgayne Nash and Morgayne Nash

April 27, 2015

The body image epidemic has hit home, and students are becoming more aware of the problem. Juliette Finnerman, a sophomore at UNE, has seen the issue of body image on campus, “I've heard a few friends talk about knowing people...

Brain Fair Makes You Think

Kelsey Schwarz and Kelsey Schwarz

April 27, 2015

Every March, the Dana Foundation- a private, philanthropic organization dedicated to brain research and education celebrates Brain Awareness Week and encourages others to do the same. This year, the event fell between March 16th and 22nd a...

Green Office Program Renews UNE’s Commitment to Sustainability

Lucas HoddWells, Contributor

April 26, 2015

When you look around at any point in your day, you are bound to witness some sort of waste or air pollution being put out into our world. Whether it be a car's emission, a bottle thrown into the trash, or simply someone leaving...