UNE Professor Joins the USA Hockey Medical Team

Morgayne Nash, Editor-in-chief

Wayne Lamarre, a Clinical Professor and Director of the Athletic Training Program, will be joining the medical staff for the USA Women’s Hockey National Team.

“As an athletic trainer, I have always enjoyed the excitement of providing medical coverage during ice hockey contests.” Lamarre said, “being able to do this at the international level will be an exceptional privilege.”

According to the UNE website, Professor Lamarre began his career in Athletic Training in 1992. He worked in outpatient orthopaedic sports rehabilitation clinics and public and private high schools. Lamarre has been teaching at the college level for over 15 years.

Lamarre said his “job [with the USA Women’s National Team] will relate specifically to on-ice acute injury management and off-ice rehabilitation and prevention.” He will be one of several athletic trainers, strength coaches, physicians, massage therapists, physical therapists, and nutritionists traveling with the team.

Professor Lamarre hopes to bring some of the knowledge and techniques he acquires while working with the team back to UNE, “[Working with the USA Women’s National Team has] exposed me to some of the best clinicians in the country who were all extremely generous with their time and expertise.”

Lamarre believes that this experience will have a positive impact on his teaching here at the university, “In addition to learning about some of the latest techniques in sports medicine, I was able to learn some valuable information about the logistics of working with an Olympic-level program that I’ve shared with our students.”

“I will certainly miss the students and the facilities,” Lamarre stated when asked what he will miss while he is away, “As I’ve traveled with the team I’ve been reminded how fortunate we are here at UNE to have the Harold Alfond Forum.”