Challenge Games, like the Hunger Games but More Stupid


Morgayne Nash, Editor-in-chief

In the history of the Internet there have been many “challenges”, the latest installment of the popular Challenge Games is the Duct Tape Challenge. This challenge consists of being taped up with Duct Tape and recording yourself trying to break free and posting said video online. Now for all of you that have completed this challenge I do have one question, what is the point?

Recently it has come up in the news of a 14-year-old boy, Skylar Fish, who sustained life-threatening injuries while trying to complete the Duct Tape Challenge. “When he fell, he hit the corner of the window frame,” Sarah Fish, his mother, told KIRO 7 News in Washington. “It crushed his whole eye socket. When his eye socket was crushed, it pinched off nerves in his eye.”

The injuries Fish sustained needed surgery and 48 staples in his head. It is unclear whether Fish will regain sight in the effected eye. The challenge doesn’t seem like it could be that dangerous but it’s all fun and games till someone looses and eye, right? In the case of this unfortunate accident the phrase actually holds a lot of truth.

“Teach other kids not to do it,” Skylar Fish explained to KIRO 7 News. “When I think about it, I become sad and then really happy, because I’m happy, because I survived it. I almost died.”

With a 14-year-old now in the hospital and very publicly speaking out against these challenges maybe we as a human race will be less likely to follow dangerous internet trends. Although some are to raise awareness for good causes and diseases, like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the My Tree Challenge, there are far more harmful and pointless challenges that have gotten attention. Looking back on a few it is clear that none of these were a good idea:

Charlie Charlie Challenge – The player stacks two pencils in the shape of a cross on top of a piece of paper with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ written in squares. Then they ask, “Charlie Charlie, are you there?” Of course this challenge has no threats to a person physically, I am sure it messed you up pretty bad for a little while if the pencils answered ‘yes’.

Condom Challenge – This challenge consisted of inserting a condom into your nose, snorting it into the nasal cavity, and then coughing it out the mouth. The process poses some very obvious choking hazards.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge – Sparked by a picture by none other than Kylie Jenner, this challenge was to make you… prettier? The player would start by sucking their lips in a cup to temporarily puff them up. Doing this can cause bruising, discoloration, and disfiguration that can last much longer than your YouTube video.

Cinnamon Challenge – Try swallowing a spoon full of cinnamon in under 60 seconds. It is not possible as doing so dries out your mouth and throat. The dryness can cause you to cough, gag, and vomit. Ultimately this can lead to the inhalation of Cinnamon into your lungs causes breathing difficulty, and major problems in your lungs and respiratory tract.

Salt and Ice Challenge – Putting salt on your body and placing ice on top causes a burning effect. Hey, at least we learned something from Chemistry class right?

The Fainting Challenge – One person takes a few quick breaths, stands up quickly, and leans against a wall. A second person pushes on their chest until they faint. The physical threats to this challenge are quite clear.