Remembering Alan Rickman

Matt Chouinard, Film Critic

Alan Rickman may have passed away at the age of 69 but he will always be remembered for the mark that he left, especially in the history of film. He acted in movies and on television for nearly 40 years and has certainly created some memorable performances that are sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Rickman has appeared in numerous films, with his first role easily being one of his best. He entered the world of film in 1988 in the action classic Die Hard, playing the main villain Hans Gruber. It’s widely considered one of the greatest action movies ever made, and Rickman became famous for his iconic portrayal of the antagonist. Another notable role came in 1991 when he appeared in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Sheriff George of Nottingham.

Following these movies, Rickman would go on to appear in notable romantic movies, Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Love Actually (2003). In 2001 Rickman entered the world of wizards, taking on the role of Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He would go on to reprise his role in all 8 of the Harry Potter films and it is considered by many to be the most iconic film role of his career.

Over the course of Rickman’s career, he won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy award. They both came for his role in the 1996 television movie, Rasputin. In the film he played Grigori Rasputin, the infamous “mad monk” from the court of Tsar Nicolas in 1910’s Russia.

Overall, Alan Rickman put together an impressive acting career spanning both film and television. He brought us fascinating characters such as Hans Gruber and Severus Snape, and he will continue to be remembered and celebrated every time his movies are watched.