The Intramural Season Is Here!

Photo from UNEintramurals Twitter page

Photo from UNEintramurals Twitter page

Nick LeTourneau, Sports Editor

Calling all retired athletes and JV superstars, your time to shine is here yet again! The Intramural season is in full swing and although the two most exciting sports, football and basketball, are already underway there are plenty of things to participate in and watch!

Flag Football

Although the season is halfway over that doesn’t mean you cant go get your weekday football fix down at Hazard 2 Field Monday through Thursday to catch both the men’s and women’s leagues in action. You never know when someone could end up on Sportscenter’s Top Ten list!


Another fun sports that registration has already passed. Go to Dubois Field (that diamond on the Featherman Lawn for you freshman) on Sundays to check out the tournament style play and to see who is named the top softball team on campus.

3v3 Basketball

Registration just closed on this one but don’t worry, you can catch all the action in the Campus Center Mondays through Thursdays for both the Men’s and Women’s leagues. This will fill your late night basketball needs, as these games are played after 8 pm.

Floor Hockey

Registration closed on October 13th so all you that dream of being discovered by the Bruins after a nine goal performance but missed out on registration will just have to wait until next year. You can catch the league-style action at the Forum on Sundays here on out.

Indoor Volleyball

One of the more popular sports of the fall season just closed its registration on the 13th as well but for all of you that still want the ammeter volleyball experience can find it at the Campus Center on Sundays. The time has not yet been released but it shouldn’t conflict with your passion for floor hockey.

You can get all the information you need for schedules and locations of each sport here and you can register for exciting spring semester intramurals like Ice Hockey, Indoor Soccer, 5v5 Basketball, Inner Tube Water Polo, 11v11 Outdoor Soccer, by following this link.