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Alli Titterington, Contributor

We at UNE EMS know your college experience does not come without some bumps and bruises. Like many other campus officials would recommend, the UNE Health Center by Marcil is a great place to go, however what do you do at night when the health center is closed? Like for instance when you fall on the deadly UNE black ice walking back from your car, or when your friend consumed too much alcohol?


UNE EMS is a student run volunteer first response service that provides emergency medical care here at University of New England on the Biddeford campus. UNE EMS responds to medical emergencies from 7pm-7am Sunday-Thursday and 7pm-10am Friday and Saturday.  Our First Response Team consists of young men and women who are all Maine licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. All EMT responders have gone through a thorough probationary provider program to make sure every member provides the highest level of care to our patients. All emergency medical calls are confidential and are protected by HIPPA laws. Care by UNE EMS is free of charge.


Many students here at UNE may tell you that when we respond to a call there are what seems to be a lot of EMTs, along with security and housing, and in our little dorm rooms it can seem overwhelming. Our nightly crews are composed of a Crew Chief, one or two Responders and a Probationary member. All members are expected to sign up for at least one weeknight shift a week and one weekend night shift a month.


UNE EMS also stations EMTs at large scale school events such as club sports, dances, Relay for Life and Spring Concert.


I need UNE EMS! Who do I contact?


To contact UNE EMS for a medical emergency, find a Resident Advisor or call security at 336 from any campus phone or (207) 602-2298.

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