Bustin’ Out in Biddeford

What can you even do around here? Turns out, a bunch!


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Matt Chouinard, Film Critic

Welcome incoming freshman to the University of New England! It is a great school that will provide an excellent education to start you all on your future career paths. Like any other college, UNE offers a plethora of extracurricular activities to complement the solid learning environment. On-campus entertainment and activities can be found just about every day. When you feel like wandering off campus, you can take the bus to downtown Biddeford, with access to both of it’s major shopping centers, Saco via the train station, and even head to Portland on our intercampus shuttle. No need to worry if you don’t bring your car, you’ll always have a ride.

When you feel the need the get off campus, Biddeford offers some great options for entertainment.Want to go to dinner and a movie? You are in luck, as there are a variety of great restaurant options around along with a movie theater right in town. Smitty’s Cinema, the Five Points stop on our bus, offers movies and a dine-in option with table seating and plenty of delicious food, everything from fried snacks all the way to dinner and dessert.. Just looking for dinner? One of the best cheap dining spots around would have to be Olive Garden. It isn’t too pricey and will leave you quite full with its excellent portion sizes, and its conveniently located at Biddeford Crossing, which is full of great chain options like Panera, as well as some more local joints like Casa Fiesta (Mexican) and Kobe (sushi, hibachi, Asian-American cuisine.). If you feel like heading downtown, take the bus towards the Saco Train station, and walk up to Elements. Elements has great coffee, beer and books, and sometimes they even have live music. Looking for delivery pizza to split with roommates? Saco House of Pizza is a great place, right over the river but close to campus, and they offers some great value deals. You can even order online!

No matter where you go, bring your UNE ID card- at most places, you will get in for a discounted rate because you’re a college student-save those dollar bills to pay your student loans! UNE does a great job going the extra mile in terms of events and activities being provided for the student population, but off campus fun can be found if that’s what you are seeking. There are plenty of great restaurants around along with the local movie theater to provide some excellent options for amusement, just got to go and see what’s out there. This has hopefully helped guide you towards finding things about UNE and Biddeford that you enjoy. As time goes on you won’t need any help finding the fun, it will find you.