Dishing It Out With Dustin

The Power of Compliments

Dustin Booska-Moulton, Columnist

Words can’t describe how thankful I am to all of my readers for supporting me by reading about all of my experiences. Also, your outfit is on point today! Now how do you feel? Perhaps happier because I acknowledged something your loyalty and sense of style? Isn’t it kind of weird, but mostly amazing how powerful one or two simple compliments can be? I feel like they’re so underappreciated, and we should change that.

Everyday graces us with sunlight and opportunity; however, it also poses a battle or two that could last anywhere from a few minutes to a few years. As college students we are under a tremendous amount of stress and are faced with daily challenges. Now it might be easy to think, “We’re all in the same boat,” but we’re not. Being a student in college is not our only identity. We are also coworkers, siblings, children, and humans. We all have exogenous battles that form from life outside of school. Life is very similar to the unconventional challenge on Project Runway. We all have a certain background and skill set, then when given odds and ends it becomes a Tim Gunn, “Make it work,” moment. We all try our hardest to make the best out of what we have. Given this, some of us have worse days than others, and we can’t really change that. Do you know what we can change? How someone is feeling and it is so very easy to do. All you have to do is give someone a small compliment or even a wave with a kind smile or, “Hey!” Tell them you like their scarf, their shoes, the presentation they did in class, or tell them how funny they are. It takes maybe five seconds out of your day, but it can improve hours of someone else’s day.

Don’t be creepy about it. Don’t sniff some stranger just to tell them they smell pretty. That will result in a restraining order, my friend. If you know the person well and are close with them, or if they move just right and you get a good whiff of them, I’d say that’s fair game. Also, don’t be weird about it. Don’t say the following: I like the way you eat; You looked good scooping out that ice cream; or Your skin looks really soft. Also, stay away from back handed compliments like, “You could be a hand model!”

One of my favorite things about UNE is how willing many people are to do just this, but without realizing their impact. Be conscious of the people around and take a moment out of your busy, hectic day to give someone you know or a stranger a compliment. You never know what your one compliment can do. It could make someone smile, or it might even save someone’s life. Your words can have so much power. Be advantageous. Be courageous. Be genuine. Until next time, auf wiedersehen.