Campus Events, Parkhurst Listening, and Internet Solutions

A recap of the undergraduate student government’s September 16th meeting.


USG 9/16

This week, USG is returning to the status quo, with all petitions submitted and elections coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Look for posters around campus to find the link for voting online. On Thursday and Friday, look out for members of the senate, who you’ll find in the Ripich Commons. In this week’s edition, you will find a list detailing this semester’s first round of requests and allocations, along with some updates from issues raised in the last meeting.

Request & Allocations

 Many on-campus groups will be hosting events, marking the start of a productive semester and making UNE a livelier place. 

  • The Pre-Dental Club was the first organization to have an allocation approved, acquiring funding for a variety of undergrad events. Expect many opportunities to interact with the university’s Pre-Dental students!
  • The Undergraduate Student Government also had their general operating budget approved, which will cover a variety of events throughout the year, along with additional funding for miscellaneous expenses
  • Another request came from the UNE Birders, a group dedicated to bird watching and introducing others to the joys of observing the natural world, who had their overall club funding approved for the entire school year.
  • And to wrap up, Volunteers Around the World, an organization that goes on mission trips to do good around the globe, received funding for a crepe sale to fund their upcoming trip to Guatemala!

Student Life

In past meetings, a number of issues have been raised concerning UNE’s internet, along with changes that many students would like made with the dining service.

  • The IT department is currently working to resolve issues with the internet, upgrading the areas that have had the most reported issues, Assisi, West, and Sokokis Halls. These three dorms are all set to receive internet infrastructure upgrades, with the goal of increasing bandwidth. The IT department is also in talks with vendors to discuss upgrades to other areas in the university. Remember to submit a ticket to IT if you have any issues connecting to or dropping from internet connections.
  • Parkhurst has submitted a work order for a suggestions board, allowing them to directly hear the concerns of students. USG is also working with the administration to have more opportunities for the dining committee to meet and create a better quality of life for on-campus students.


Two new ad-hoc committees have been approved by the Senate, the Dean’s Advisory Committee, and the Veteran Day Ceremony Committee.

  • The Dean’s Advisory Committee will work directly with Dean of Students, Jen Deburro, giving students a channel to directly voice their problems and concerns to university administration, helping the school better serve all students.
  • The second committee, which will oversee the Veterans Day Ceremony, will remain active until Veteran’s Day on November 11th. Their goal will be to put on a large event for the holiday to honor those that served the United States, with fun events, dialogue with veterans, writing cards, and food trucks.
  • Make sure to enjoy the rest of the summer weather before fall sets in. Take a walk on Freddie Beach, or go root for some Nor’easter athletes out on the field. Also, keep in mind that voting for elections is coming up. Make sure you cast your vote and make your voice heard, as these students will be the ones representing you over the course of this semester.