Student Government? What’s going on?

Details about what USG is planning and working on to help the undergraduate student body.

Welcome to a new column in The Bolt. Within are the details of last week’s meeting of UNE’s Undergraduate student government. This column will present the ongoing affairs of the organization that represents the student body and discuss how these changes will affect them and what improvements are being made to campus life. 

We also say goodbye to Maria Goodwin, ending her 5 year-long run as an advisor to USG, her presence in the meeting will be missed. Discussed; art installations, whiteboards, and the U-lead awards.

Resolutions and Allocations

  • This week a budget request was granted to the Pre-Dental Club, a group representing the University’s dental students at all levels of education.
    • The request was for the creation of two events.
      • The first involving the hosting of two local dentists for a club meeting.
      • -Another for a Kahoot! Based event with prizes.


  • Additionally, “Section X” has been added to USG’s Financial By-Laws. This change has been made to allow for new clubs to have an easier time receiving initial funding.
    • This allows UNE-based clubs and organizations to apply for a General Operating Budget once per year.
    • All clubs and organizations are eligible regardless of any other outstanding budget requests.
    • The General Operating Budget will be a yearly allocation of $500.
    • This funding is intended for use in club meetings, club events, advertising, and equipment.
    • Purchases made must follow all stipulations outlined in the USG Financial By-Laws and University Student Code of Conduct.

From the Committees

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Hard at work creating a more inclusive environment, this committee is creating a questionnaire for UNE athletes with a focus on the women of sports on campus. In addition to that, they are in talks with Parkhurst regarding food for students on campus celebrating Ramadan.  
  • Academic Affairs – Taking a swing at modernization, the Academic Affairs Committee is making progress towards updating Decary’s chalkboards with new whiteboards. There is still effort being made to attempt better advertising of the Dean’s List.
  • Student Affairs and Services – Good news for the busy student, you can now order food from the Pub and ACHS online by using the Transact app. Just select UNE Dining Service in the app and order from there. Stay tuned for bikes coming back to campus as a transportation option.
  • Ad-Hoc COVID 19 Committee – Currently the COVID 19 Committee is working with library services to provide knowledge about the vaccines. Their aim is to create materials that will inform faculty and staff of the truth regarding the efficacy of the newly developed vaccines. Also, plans have been laid for an art installation that will reflect upon the experiences we’ve had under the pandemic and memorialize the people that have been lost to it. Stay tuned to hear how the student body will be able to get involved with this.

Student Life

  • USG still has spots that need to be filled, anyone is welcome to attempt to secure these positions and elections will be coming up this semester. This is a fantastic opportunity to make your voice heard on campus.
  • Currently, nominations are open for the U-Lead awards, if there is a student, professor, or faculty member that has gone above and beyond in their role for the university now is the time to honor them. Attached below is a form where you can make out these nominations.  

  • Coming up on February 23rd and 24th are two USG sponsored De-Stress events. If you come by the Commons you’ll be able to receive some goodies, including self-care products and school supplies. This will be taking place from 11:30 to 2:30.


That wraps up this week’s report, as one can see there is a lot of work being done and attempts being made to better the lives of UNE’s student body. If you’d like to get closer to the action, check out USG on the get involved panel, also don’t forget to nominate those you find deserving.