What Comes After Thunder? A Bolt Of Lightning!


Dear UNE Community,

The Bolt is once again rising. Over the past few years, our platform has been there for the UNE community and has grown immensely. But The Bolt has the potential to be so much more than it has been in the UNE community, it just needs a boost to get there. With the help of the incredible team members last year, many of whom have returned, we transformed Nor’easter News into The Bolt, a journalistic platform for students, created by students, to give students a way to publish their work created in their classes and in their free time about subjects and topics they are passionate about. We cover topics on student life, news, feature clubs, facility and student accomplishments,  campus events and so much more. The pandemic, unfortunately, hindered the amazing growth we had back in the Spring of 2020, and I, the Editor-In-Chief, took a semester off dealing with the massive change our world undertook. The Bolt laid mostly dormant for the fall, but now at the delayed start of my senior year, it’s waking up. 

As of now, we have a small team of people who know how much potential The Bolt is capable of and we will start again to release content at a consistent weekly rate. But I have much higher aspirations that I know are possible with growth in a base of readership and content submission. I want The Bolt to be a place that boosts real stories of the UNE community doing the amazing and groundbreaking work that I know that it does every single day to more of our community here. 

We are looking for new members to be apart of our team. If you are interested in journalism, writing, editing, content creation, video production, photography, social media work, this can be the place for you to take your initiative outside of the classroom and build your experience and resume. Even if you cannot commit to a role on our team, we are more than happy to receive submissions to place your work on a platform that will be read and shared. If you are interested at all in anything to do with The Bolt, please contact me at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to invite you to our weekly zoom meeting or review your submission. 


Be bold and continue to create.


Jack Allsopp,