Event Review: Sailesh the Hypnotist


Kane Emerson

Sailesh standing in front of a row of hypnotized students.

Kane Emerson, Staff Writer

On Friday 02/21/20 at 9:00 pm UNE hosted a hypnotist Sailesh, an award-winning hypnotist known as the “the world’s best hypnotist by” MTV Europe, in the campus center.  


I had the privilege of going to the show this past weekend and it did not disappoint. As I sat in the chair listening to club music looking around peculiarly of the space and being skeptical of hypnotists,  I didn’t know what to expect. A typical show seemed to make people sleep on command or make them do some funny movements. However, as the show started, and I listened to Sailesh’s comforting and relaxing voice despite him still recovering from sickness.


 I found myself intently watching as he brought people from the audience or as he puts it, “the stars of the show and stars they were.”  


As he tested his stars to see if they could be put in a hypnotic state, he explained how on average humans go through a hypnotic state every day up to 60 times. While an average college student can go up to 120 times a day. An example he used is when you’re driving on a path your mind goes to a common destination, in other words, daydreaming.  As you reach your destination you don’t remember how you traveled 10-15 minutes, it seems like you just jumped in time, which is hypnosis.  


After he found the right stars of the show, he proceeded to lead them to a state where they would only follow his voice and only would listen to his voice. He showed off this ability by putting each one to sleep and telling them to correct themselves if they felt like falling. After the suspense of waiting, the fun really started. 


The first daunting task was that he convinced them that they felt the coldest weather they ever felt and proceeded to shiver and rub hands and even started to cuddle for warmth. There were other activities such as; playing instruments, spanking their own asses while playing the drums on another person’s ass. The funniest thing was making them all Fortnite dance while one volunteer got up and left to go play Fortnite. After he was retrieved, he was still being hypnotized proven by being put to sleep. 


The show continued with; switching the sex of the person and being asked what they want in the opposite sex, one girl naming herself Brad and after being asked “what are you looking for in a girl”, she responded with, “just to f*ck”. The show wrapped up with a nice ceremonial ending having the stars of the show remember what they did. Then after one last countdown, the stars felt a newfound self-confidence and were given bracelets that represented the 7 chakras. Everyone was applauding and laughing and talking about what transpired, a well enjoyed evening.  


Hypnotist shows happen every year in the campus center and the host Sailesh loves doing his acts across many college campuses. I highly recommend seeing the show next year or try seeing his other shows that he does, you can check out his website at http://saileshthehypnotist.com/ for more information.