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We all have our own unique voice. Some people speak passionately, strongly, and with purpose, while there are also those who know their strengths lie within the facts they possess. There are sometimes a few who have not found their voice yet, and that is okay. Finding one’s own voice is a long path everyone takes at some point in their life. There will come a time when something happens and the ability to advocate clicks, and at that moment, you will discover how you speak. But the journey does not end there when we find our voice we then need to learn where it will take us and what limitations it carries. Personally, I found my voice when I came to college and started writing how I felt. The voice grew as I learned that I can make a difference by just stating how I feel and what I know. I am still growing as a person and thus, my voice is still finding its place in this community. But, I know I will figure it out with time and progressively do good along the way.
My personal statement as a Peer Health Educator is, “The little things in life that make us healthier, happier, and better people is what we personally need to focus on more. The big changes will come when the little waves of change happen.” I picked this as my statement because I strongly feel that when we make small changes in our life, such as taking the stairs, eating one salad a day, and holding the door for those behind us, we gradually become better overall. I would not expect someone to change everything about their lifestyle to fit in a two-hour work out session three times a week, or to suddenly switch to a low glycemic diet. It is just unnatural. Whereas a simple habit change is something anyone can do and has little effect short term but causes big effects long term. I highly encourage UNE students to spread kindness and acceptance across campus and at home. I hope everyone gets into the motion of complimenting others, encouraging positivity, and being supportive. The little changes we make today help us and those around us tomorrow and all the days following.

Until next time, keep smiling. 🙂



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