I went hiking and this is how it went…


Saturday morning, my friends and I got together with Outing Club and went hiking in New Hampshire. We left at 8:00 am and got to the mountain by 10:00 am. When it reached the summit it was 11:15 and very, very cold. The climb did not start out with a whole lot of snow, just a patch here and there. But as we climbed higher, the ground grew more white and progressively more difficult to walk on.

We passed a waterfall, and the foundation of an old house on our way up. The top of the mountain had an amazing view along with a few creepy sheds and a fire watch tower. I climbed the tower and the view was breathtaking. Even though it was scary to go up icy stairs, the risk was worth it for the spectacular view of the mountains that surrounded us. It truly was worth the hike up. We had lunch up there and took a lot of fun photos of each other and the view.

On the way down we took a different path. Because of the snowy ground, we slid and fell a lot along the way, but it was still a fun adventure. About halfway down the mountain it began to snow, it was very random because the forecast called for blue skies. Right after the snow started to fall, we came across a cabin in the woods and a stream that ran beside it. It got very dark and windy, and the trees seemed to groan at us. The cabin was marked with a sign that read “Danger Keep Out.” We hurried by the mysterious house and continued to slide to the bottom.

It was so weird to see the ground grow from little snow to a lot of snow as we went up, and then a lot of snow to no snow as we went down. Outside of the unexpected weather and wet shoes, I had a wonderful hike with Outing Club. I would highly recommend going for anyone that enjoys time outdoors and wants to get some exercise into their weekend. Outing Club meets Monday nights in the Campus Center Involvement Suit, you can also reach out to the Eboard members through the get involved portal.

Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! 

Go out and find your adventure.