Acts of Kindness


I am officially a certified Peer Health Educator. I took the exam and passed and now, I can truly begin my journey to help those who come to be and to reach out to those who are unsure they need help. I was asked today what I focus topic would be. When I started the training I really wanted to help people being more confident in themselves and feel they are worth far more than they think, but, when I looked the data from the PHE survey, I realized that people already feel this way. Maybe its just a “me thing”, but all of the 155 students surveyed feel confident in themselves, around others, and with their school work. As much as I want to go out there and raise awareness of self-worth, there would not be a huge impact if most of everyone already feels confident. Which is a good thing, it is wonderful news that UNE has such a strong and sound student body.
Instead of reinforcing something that is already there, I want to try and improve on an aspect of campus I personally feel every human could always try harder with; random acts of kindness. There is never enough good in this world, and positivity is something every human has the capacity to spread. Whether it is a compliment on someone’s shoes, letting them print one paper before you print your book, or maybe just a smile, there are endless simple acts we all can perform for others to promote happiness and create a cascading effect of kindness throughout the campus. How amazing would it be if everyone put others before themselves and walking to class at eight in the morning was just a little less awful because you know that your peers are happy to see you?

My hope is that others will see that kindness should not just be reserved for those you know or as a way to repay someone for their kindness. I hope, next semester, that I will be able to reach out to people and show them that good deeds are for everyone, and anyone you come across deserves a slice of compassion. Even if there is a person that is bitter and rude, they could be having the worst day and something as easy as holding the door while they rush in from the rainy weather could be what makes their morning slightly less terrible. We do not need to be superheroes to change the world, we can be ourselves and still make a huge impact on those around us. We are all capable of doing good, being kind, and showing that we care. It is just a matter of taking that extra four seconds to change someone’s day.


I challenge you to be the reason someone smiles today.

Text a friend a funny Gif, offer to hold something for someone with a lot in their hands, or say have a wonderful day to a campus employee.

I believe change starts with us.

We have that power to make the world a better place.



Until next time, keep smiling. 🙂