Calling All UNE Students


Change doesn’t happen overnight. This is a known fact we all can relate to in one way or another. Whether you have tried to change something and failed, or you have found your way to break old habits, it takes time and steps. I talk about change a lot as a Peer Health Educator (in training). Becoming a healthier version of yourself starts with some form of change, and luckily, I feel it is a lot easier to become healthier than many think. We picture change to be big and dramatic and makes life turn all the way around. For me, I wanted to become super fit and strong, so I planned to go to the gym every day of the week every week. Clearly, this was a huge step because I have never tried to commit to the gym before. About three weeks into this commitment, I found myself too busy, too tired, and not interested. However, out of this failure came enlightenment.

Large changes are so difficult, but, small changes to everyday life can become habits that evoke change which can grow into bigger things. After realizing going to the gym every day was not plausible in my daily routine, I decided to make myself take the stairs whenever they were available. Two months later, I take the stairs without even thinking about it and I find myself being able to do so without losing my breath. It isn’t the gym but it is a change that was successful and is impacting me in a positive way. Next, my goal is to eat a salad in place of one piece of pizza at lunch. This way, I can still one slice of pizza, but rather than two, just get one and a salad. It’s the little things that will go far eventually. Change doesn’t have to be dramatic or crazy, just noticeable. Enough that you can feel good about what you are doing and get into the swing of doing it.

I want to help create change for all students of UNE. So, if you go here, please help me achieve that goal. My Peer Health Educator classmates and I created a 25 question survey that takes no more than three minutes to complete. It contains questions from all the areas of wellness we felt we vital to college students. With the results from the survey, we will be able to see what areas are in most need of education and encouragement. Our collective goal is to help the community grow into a more healthy and happy place to be. We will create biweekly programs for the students to partake in ranging from cooking classes, meditation classes, and intro fitness classes. Our hope is that students will see the importance of the little changes we make in life.

Please be a part of that change.  Click here to take the survey.

Till next time, keep smiling.  🙂