YOU can make the Differance


It is hard to be in the city, walking around, and not notice the people that beg for money. Most people will walk by them and try to block out the cry for help, it is just human nature. We see others not helping, so why should we? This is called the bystander effect, or bystander apathy, first researched by John Darley and Bibbo Latane. It is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to another when others are around. We have a false idea that someone else can be the person to help. We forget that sometimes the responsibility can fall onto us simply because we are there.

As a peer health educator, I wish to challenge myself to ignore the instincts of going with the flow and instead be the one to set out on a path different from the rest. I strive to be the type of person you see giving the homeless man a bagel from the Dunks around the corner. Although, there are times where stepping in seems a little intimating, and out of your comfort zone, and this is okay. Not everyone can jump into action. But, there are things anyone can do. When presented with something that is not right, such as a fight, one can follow these intervening guidelines: Be ready, identify the behavior (not the person), appeal to moral principles, set limits for yourself being involved, find allies around you, and be persistent.

Challenging one’s self to want to be their own individual and to deviate from the norms of society could have momentous effects on those around you watching. Think about a time that witnessing good affected you personally to continue the act of kindness. Whether it was someone holding the door or giving a compliment, the idea of random acts of kindness can become the catalyst of a stronger and more compassionate community. We, as a school, can challenge our norms to become an even better version of ourselves. Becoming Green Dot certified is a very strong step in that direction. I know I will be going to the upcoming certification class offered for free by UNE. It will take place Sunday, October 21st from 12:00 to 5:00. All you need to do it register, and show up. I wish I had understood the importance of Green Dot on campus sooner and got my certification earlier. I highly encourage  everyone to attend the session, but I especially encourage those who feel a passion to make a difference.


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Until next time, keep smiling. 🙂