Make Changes You’ll Smile About


According to the transtheoretical model of behavior change (by James Prochaska), change is taken in steps: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Along the way people usually find themselves relapsing due to the struggle of creating new habits and sticking to them. Three groups can be targeted when it comes to creating change. The individual is what I plan to focus one while a peer health educator at UNE. The targeted group would focus on a small group of individuals, such as one of the UNE sports team. And a community, where I hope to work one day, would be implementing change on a larger setting. As I continue down my path to create a healthier tomorrow, I will begin with those around me and work my way up to helping a town or city. Whether it be drinking more water, reducing alcohol consumption, or even just flossing more. I hope to make a difference one step at a time.

A change I want to see students at UNE make is drinking almost no soda. Soda to me is just another dessert. I see almost every place you can eat on campus selling soda. It is hard for me to understand why we need something this sugary to be so accessible and, sort of, encouraged. Excess sugar has been linked by research to lead to health problems. Water is healthier in every way and completely free with a reusable water bottle! If given the chance to work with students that desire to drink less soda, I would thank them for understanding and wanting to improve their overall health to live and thrive throughout college and life. Then we would work together to create a solution, such as counting a soda as a dessert and only having three a week. Then set them up for better habits, such as drinking three bottles of water a day from a reusable water bottle. It’s the little things that add up later. The changes we make today influence those around us and those who walk in our footsteps. If we can start on ourselves, there will be a ripple effect. Change can become an epidemic if we wanted it to be. The most we can hope for is that the changes we put into our life are the ones we want for the world to change too.



Until next time, keep smiling. 🙂