Fiesta Del Te

The Disney College Program

Loren Beale

Part of working at Mouse Gear is entertaining and engaging with guests. Before the fireworks begin at 9:00, some of us throw a tea party.
We take out a mat, get the tea set, and invite all who are around to have a wonderful time with us. Any kids that are inside the store to avoid the loud noises can find comfort in the pixie dust cast members make. I was lucky enough to have a tea party of my own one night.
The fire works were about to start so I got out the tea set, the mat, and the autograph book and headed to the princess section of the store to set up.
When I got there, a family was already sitting in the area waiting for the dad to check out. I set up the tea party and waited knowing one of the little girls in the family would come over. Sure enough, a heard an “hola” and one of the girls was sitting with me. I ask “¿hablo espaniol?” And she responded with “si!” And then a whole bunch of Spanish I could not keep up with. I simply smiled and nodded and said “bien!”
A few moments later all of her siblings and cousins joined in. I had about seven kids pretending to drink tea while talking to me in Spanish. I was able to talk back a little but my six years of middle school and high school Spanish did not stick with me very well.
We talked about Moana and her animals, Coco (even though I haven’t had time to watch it yet) and even their home in Argentina. They told me we were having a “fiesta te,” Spanish tea party. It was so heart warming to see them all having a great time despite the language barrier.
When the dad was done checking out, we took picture together and said “adios.” Each kiddo gave me a big hug and the parents thanked me graciously. It was truly a magical night for everyone.