My First Weekend in the Parks

Disney College Program


With my Blue ID I was able to get free admission into any park! It is an exciting time to be alive. A lot of my friends and roommates had training right after traditions, but I had the whole weekend off to go crazy.

I found two girls that had Saturday free and wanted to explore the parks. One is a huge Disney fanatic and knows the parks like the back of her hand, and the other was from California. This would be her first time in Disney World but she is very familiar with Disney Land.

We used our Blue Ids to get the passes, and then walked around Maine Street USA. We got celebrating DCP2018 buttons, saw a parade and the Festival of Friendship, went to the hall of presidents, and ate lunch in line to ride the Mine Train from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We ended up waiting in that line for a whole two and a half hours. Not worth it! I’m still a little upset we did that.

However, the ride was cute. I enjoyed the cottage scene at the end. After that we went on the tea cups and explored Tomorrow Land. That place is cool. I got to high five a robot!

After ridding Buzz Lightyear, my group found other friends and split up. My new friends and I decided to see the manatees at EPCOT (not Animal Kingdom even though they are animals).

EPCOT was beautiful at night. The globe had been lit up in so many colors, and the park had almost cleared out. I was only there for about an hour before calling it in. I had another big day ahead of me.

On Sunday, one of my coworkers (whom I met during casting), her roommate and I chose to go to Animal Kingdom open to close. I got up at 7:00, got the bus at 8:00, and made it to the park long before it opened. Our plan was to be the first ones there to avoid the lines for Pandora.

However, even though we were early, other people were even earlier. When we arrived at Pandora, the Banshee attraction, Flight of Passage, was already 150 minutes.

We waited anyways.

Luckily, it ended up only being an hour wait. The line you go though is breathtaking! And the ride itself is almost indescribable. No other ride in the park compares.

It began to rain halfway through the day thus causing all the visitors to flee. Having packed accordingly, my group and I persisted on. We road Expedition Everest four times, Dinosaur three times, and when it the weather cleared up, we basically had a private showing of the water and lights show.

I cannot wait to start working there.