Zombie Apocalypse


Pulling over with tired eyes,

Outside the dead surround.

Safe in the rusty car he sighs,

“Don’t make a single sound.”


Millions dead across the nation,

The virus has no cure.

Loved ones lost to this creation.

“How much must we endure?”


The engine stalls and dead ears hear,

There’s only one way out.

Through the sunroof we disappear.

“Come on! I’ll lead the route.”


Followed by decay and disease,

We pump them full of lead.

Weak in arms and buckling knees

“Hurry, just shoot the head!”


Attempting to outrun the horde

Through the barren city.

Times to rest we cannot afford,

“The dead have no pity.”


Escaping to the fields we run

But soon found in distress.

Just that one bite and now he’s done,

“I can’t deal with this mess!”


He soon will turn before our eyes,

There is no going back.

The fever sets in his demise.

“Everything’s fading black…”


An echo pierces through the air,

“It’s better him than me.”

“He was our friend! This is not fair.”

“At least he now is free.”