Your Feelings Right Now Told By Disney




Disney doesn’t ask questions…







We all know the feeling.



You should applaud yourself, you’ve made it this far!



However, what started out as a seemingly perfect new semester…



Has escalated into a hideous mess.



One could blame those tragic group projects:



Especially when you are the only one doing any work.



Let us not forget those too frequent all-nighters:



Remember that paper you worked really hard on? Failed.



Then having to confront your teacher about it…



But you just end up looking like this:



And leaving like this:



The workload of UNE has forced you to stress eat:



And it’s not like stress eating at home,



It’s Decary.



And you know exactly what to do when your parents ask you how the semester is going:



I guess I have three words of advice for you, as told by Disney: