Yah Gatta Regatta


This past weekend was the University’s first official Crew Regatta of the fall season. The team woke up at 4:30am and traveled down to Worcester Massachusetts for the Head of the Snake regatta. This series of races took place on Lack Quinsigamond and we competed against 30 of the best college Crew teams in the northeast. After about a month of practice, three days a week, at six am, it was time to compete. For our team, we raced a women’s varsity eight, a women’s novice four and a men’s varsity four-person boat.

In preparation for the race, I got a few words from Brittany Whitehouse, a coxswain (or person who steers and faces direction of travel), who would be the coxswain for the men’s varsity four. When asked about her expectations for the race, she responded, “I think we’ll do pretty well… they have been working hard during practice, so I think all that hard work will pay off.” She also mentioned how she would like to beat their time from the race in the scrimmage against the University of Maine two weeks earlier. Working hard was the emphasis of her statement and work hard the team has. Each practice going harder and farther up the river, increasing time and pace.

The team has had very impressive improvement since the start back in September. Also, when asked the same question, Vincente Carbajal, a veteran crew member stated, “we have a good boat and a good team, we all try our hardest so that’s what matters.” He was very excited and had good expectation for their first race. In the women’s varsity eight boat, Julie Plummer, the bow seat, and club co-president, responded that their expectations were, “that we give it our all, we have fun, we enjoy some scenery, and work together.” The varsity women’s eight had been looking especially strong will all returning members of the team, so they had some expectations of themselves and the coaches to give it their all and do well.


With some fierce competition and smooth waters, the races began, and all three boats tried their hardest and ended up with some decent results that everyone was proud of. The races consisted of timed and staggered races. In the end, everyone gave it their all and had fun. After some de-rigging and lunch, the team headed back to campus, some with the accomplishment of racing their first official crew Regatta.

The remaining two weeks of the fall season are now ahead, and the team has been practicing harder than ever after the Head of the Snake Regatta. The team now prepares for the 2nd and final Regatta which will be hosted at Colby College on the 28th of October. Each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the team is out at the outdoor recreation dock launching three to four boats at six am and often waking up residents of low-side Featherman with our yelling.

As a new member of the team I can say what a pleasure it has been to be a part of such a close-knit group of people. While the exercises are definitely testing of mind, body and the 5:40 wake up being pretty dreadful some mornings, the satisfaction of teamwork and motivation felt by the team is outstanding, it also helps that I get to watch the sunrise three times a week and have even seen a Sea Lion out in the bay. I would highly recommend anyone with a competitive drive who loves to be out on the water to join. It’s a great work out and incredible to be a part of such a close-knit club that now feels like my Crew family.