I joined Anime Club and this is how it went…

Loren Beale, A&E Editor

Being a relative fan of anime, I joined the Anime Club when I was a freshman. I am now Vice President and couldn’t be happier with my position. I am in a lot of clubs on campus and can say I have never found myself enjoying an eboard position as much as I have with the Anime Club. All the club members have become close friends that I couldn’t imagine a life at UNE without. I even met one of my roommates though the club!

Anime Club as a whole has a family sort of atmosphere. You can go twice a week to hang out and watch anime with your friends. On Thursdays, the club usually streams three different shows as well as one show that one episode gets played at every Thursday meeting so the entire anime is competed by the end of the semester. On Sunday’s the club shows a movie, typically studio Ghibli.

The club is very relaxed and you can do homework while you are watching, or being snacks with you. Along with the fun, laid back, meetings, the club also puts on its own events! They take trips to the nearby beaches to look for Pokémon, go to conventions such as AniMaine and Anime Boston, and hosts their very on convention called Stormin’ to the Carnival, or Conival as I call it. The eboard meets once a week for an hour to discuss plans for the events, as well as the animes the club will be watching that week. Even when we are talking business we still are having fun. There is never a dull moment with this club.

Next year the club hopes to bring an even bigger convention to the campus than the one planned for this year. We also hope to do more Pokémon trips while the weather is still nice. It is also an idea to get the entire club into Anime Boston’s showcase and perform an anime related skit written by the club itself. It would be a lot of work, but I think the club and its members are up for the challenge.

Although I am not a huge anime fan, I still enjoy going to the meeting and hanging out with my friends. I have met a lot of wonderful and colorful people though Anime Club that I know I will still be talking to even after I leave the school. The club is always happy to have new members and enjoys when people stop by, even if it’s just for an episode or two. Conival will be on Easter weekend this year and will have lots of non-Decary food, video games, and panels to learn from. Whether you like cosplay, board games, or Japanese cartoons, this club will make you feel at home here at UNE.