A Valentine’s Day Interview with the Grinch

Loren Beale, A&E Editor

To get some Valentine’s Day tips, I thought it best to consult the holiday expert himself, The Grinch. This is how the interview went…


I hiked up the mountain and knocked on his door, “Hello? Mr. Grinch? I am here to interview you. I am with Nor’Easter News.”

He opened the door. 

“Why yes, I am here to talk about Valentine’s Day!”

“No, really. I see you have made a reservation at a restaurant for the 14th, what do you plan to do?”

“Oh. That is not what I expected. But that can’t be it. What else do you have planned?”

“Doing what?”

“Are you sure that is all you want to do on Valentine’s Day? You don’t have anything new planned?”

“But what if someone asked you out on a date?”

“Would you ask anyone to visit you? Who do you know that you would invite?”

“And no one has tried to make plans or contact you already?”

“Very odd, Mr. Grinch. One last question, what advice on getting a date would you have for the readers?

“But what if I asked you out on a date?”

“Fair enough. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I hope you have a good February 14th.”

With that, I left his cave. But I am fairly certain I heard some tambourines as made my way down the mountain side.