Coming Back to School as Explained by Harry Potter



How it feels on break

How it feels to come back from break

But at least you and your squad are together again

And it’s all fine until they tell you about the classes you’re taking

Your face when meeting your new teachers knowing they will be putting you through Hell

Then seeing the syllabus and all the assignment you have to do over the next four months

The feeling you get when you have to speak on the first day of class

And walking out of an elective course thinking

When you see how big the text book is

And your teacher says to read all of it

But it’s okay, because you found all the answers on Quizlet

Teachers expectations for students

Students expectations for teachers

Then remembering the quality of the food

When you have your first floor meeting and your RA tells you to behave

And after your first week of classes, you come back to your dorm saying



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