College is a Walk Through the Park, the Jurassic Park

1. Entering college thinking that it is going to be amazing and wonderful with no worries about any of it going wrong.

2. Figuring out the true atmosphere of the campus.

3. Surviving group projects.

4. When you realize that the $100 textbooks you bought only get used once in class.

5. And of course, that dreaded feeling you get when the RA catches you with something you aren’t allowed to have.

6. All the emotions that run though you while registering for next semester.

7. Trying to keep up with your classmates during lecture, but you always find yourself behind.

8. How it feels to have every teacher assign a test or paper, all due within the same week.

9. And then handing in all those assignments…

10. But it’s okay because your teacher scales your grade.

11. Except finals are just a week away and you haven’t started studying yet.

12. …and it’s cumulative…

13. Then getting the exam and seeing material you didn’t study.

14. I am sure we all look this way during dinner when our parents ask use how our grades are.

15. But looking back on the semester, it really wasn’t all that scary.

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