Loren’s Lists: Top Ten Shows to Binge Watch Before Finals

Loren Beale, A&E Editor

Stranger Things: Everyone who owns Netflix has heard of this show. It has drama and action and tons of mystery. Its retro theme adds even more to the show which will have you up till 4am clicking next episode. The cast is amazing, the writing is witty, and the plot is addictive. You will be sure to get your binge out before finals watching this science fiction horror show.

Jessica Jones: Marvel is everywhere, and it is amazing. But nothing Marvel has ever put on the screen compares to this show. It is dark and gritty to no end. Jessica Jones will make you feel every emotion from heart break to rage. It will change the way you think about a lot of things in the world. Like all the Marvel shows on Netflix, it is done spectacularly well with a wide span of plot twists. You won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the entire thing a week. It’s a psychological thriller you are guaranteed to love.

Rick and Morty: This show can be found on Putlocker for free, not Netflix required. It has good jokes and bad jokes, and so so many impropriate jokes. The science behind every episode is loaded with imagination and hilarious terminology. There is no way to capture the essence of this animated adult cartoon, it is in a universe of its own. Lightly based on Back to the Future, Morty and his grandfather Rick is the perfects twenty-minute study break every student needs.

Young Justice: With season three in production, there is no better time than to watch this DC masterpiece. This show is so special because the way both seasons are set up. Every episode is connected to one another and is a part of the overall plot in some way or another. This show does not know the meaning of a filler episode. Within an hour you will be hooked beyond belief. There is no turning back from this series.

IZombie: What could be cooler than a crime fighting zombie? Nothing. This show is perfect for anyone that likes strong female characters, zombies, or mystery crime shows. It has a perfect balance of comedy and drama, with a slight bit of horror. Liv isn’t a typical zombie, and this isn’t a typical zombie show. The season endings are the best part, and the show only gets better with each episode.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Pure comedy and lovable fun, this show will lighten your mood while also giving you the motivation to study. Kimmy can take on any challenge she is faced with, and that’s how you will feel after getting through her two seasons. Inspiring with genius jokes, you will be laughing alongside each colorful character in this heart warming show.

Broadchurch: If you love crime mystery shows and who done it’s, then this is the perfect show to spend your free time watching. Perfect casting and jaw dropping plot twists, you will be glues to your computer till the series ends. It is a drama as well as a mystery show that has you thinking a hundred different things at once until the last couple of scenes. You are put right into the case with this show, and every emotion the detective feels you will be feeling too.

Soul Eater: Any anime fan will know this one. It is like no other fantasy show out there and can appeal to fans of every type of fiction, not just Japanese cartoon lovers. Its creative plot and intricate characters form a work we all wish we could be a part of. Everything about the show is unique and addictive to watch. The humor is also fantastic, and it blends into the story line perfectly. It is defiantly a show out of most people comfort zone, but don’t let that discourage you from watching at least the first episode. Give it a try and I know you’ll be intrigued.

Dollhouse: One of the Joss Whedon’s shows cut too soon, Dollhouse will grab you and through into the plot. You have no idea what is going on, but you will love it! As the show progresses, you will learn more about the setting and characters, as well as understanding the plot. But, as Joss is famous for, when you think you know what is going to happen, he whips out a plot twist. You will be on the edge of your seat though this entire binge worthy series.

Galavant: If you like musicals of any kind, this comedy extravaganza is perfect for you. It is a meta mini series that consistently breaking fourth wall in the best way possible. It also has a plot that is none other than a parody of fairytales. An episode is a perfect study break, and you will have the songs stuck in your head all throughout finals. Definitely worth watching with your friends.