Loren’s List: Top Horror Movies (Part 2)


Loren Beale, A&E Editor

Only those who can remember that movies are aren’t real and the blood is fake should watch the Gore and Body Horror genera:

Saw is the typical toucher movie people think of. There, somehow, are many of them which allow for a fantastic binge night. It is a combination of dumb people doing really dumb things which will have you screaming at the TV throughout the whole film. If all you want in a movie is blood and horrid death, then this series is the right fit.

Next I have picked out House of Wax. The cool thing about this movie is the way it keeps you guessing. Yes, it follows the classic horror movie style and stereotypes, but some of the twists and turns really makes you think. It has a bunch of death and torment scenes that will make everyone watching cringe.

Without a doubt, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) had to make the list. This movie will have you screaming at the events each character endures. Several movies where made based on the true story. The best gore one was made in 1974 and then was later banned due to the explicit nature of some of the scenes. It is a perfect match for anyone who loves to see people torn apart with a chainsaw.


A good movie, like a good book, is one that keeps you thinking even when it is over. My favorite type of movies are the Inventive ones because I love how well everything adds up to form a flawless ending. It’s mind boggling in the best way. It’s that lingering feeling you missed everything the first time you watched it, and you discover even more detail with every viewing:

The Others is a haunting tale you won’t understand until the end. Amazing performances and intense writing adds up to a suspenseful paranormal experience like no other. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good scare but also like to be able to sleep at night afterwards. The best part is how it ends.

The Awakening is another ghost film that had me wanting to cover my eyes while watching it, but after watching, I was still okay with shutting the lights off. It wasn’t until I watched it a third time that I had fully grasped the entire concept of the film. The way the characters interact with one another will baffles you in the best of ways after your first viewing. Any horror movie fan of any time should definitely have this on their watch list.

Tied with Fright Night, Cabin in the Woods is my all-time favorite horror flick. But in all honesty, I absolutely hated it during my first viewing. Having come to realize the director is none other than the Avengers legend himself, Joss Whedon, did I truly understand its worth. This movie falls into comedy almost as much as it does Inventive. Go into this movie with an open mind and I can guarantee you will love it just as much as I do. However, like almost everything Joss Whedon makes, lacking to see the bigger picture will ruin the fun that this movie has in store for the viewer.


I am sure by now you have noticed I am missing some pretty huge horror movies. These are what I have categorized as the Classics. The mile stone movies that brought upon a generation of horror films and an uprising of fans. These movies are irreplaceable and I pray that Hollywood will leave them be:

Silence of the Lambs, a bone chilling tale of Hannibal Lecter. It’s a crime drama that sparked a tv show and a cult following. I would even go as far as saying it is a physiological thriller. Even with the killer behind bars throughout the film, the performance is so invasive I felt as if my own mind was tested by the cannibal himself.

Psycho. This list wouldn’t be complete without it. Despite it being black and white, well known, and referenced in everyday culture, this movie will have you questioning everyone around you. The plot twist in this movie gets me every time I watch it. Not only that, it will spark the biggest fear of taking a shower you will ever know. You aren’t a horror movie junky till you’ve seen this film.

Personally, I am too afraid to watch The Shining. But I know that you know that it’s undeniably an amazing film. The concept of an innocent family vacation gone horribly wrong, mixed with rivers of blood, twins, a hedge maze, and then add a crazy man with an axe can only be the formula of perfection. If you want to be afraid, and you want to be sure you will enjoy it, hands down this movie will do perfectly.

Lastly, I think you can guess what it is, The Exorcist. This movie is based on a true event of when an innocent girl taken over by the devil himself. It is the most profitable horror movie ever made. It has possession and body horror and jump scare after jump scare. But the most haunting part about this film is watching a little girl go through so much pain and torment. What creates such an uncomfortable scene isn’t blood or violence, it’s purely seeing a little girl become twisted and then say terrible horrible things. This movie feeds into the fear that we are all weak and defenseless against evil. Anyone can be possessed.