Inaugural Nor’easter Nation Nite


Morgayne Nash

The National Anthem being sung at the Inaugural Nor’easter Nation Nite

Nor’easter Nation Nite was, in short, a UNE Athletics Pep Rally. From raffles, to relay races, it was enough to bring you back to your high school homecoming football game. The announcer was on point, the lighting was fantastic, and the crowd was loud.

The event was to honor all of UNE Athletics, but had a focus on the UNE Men’s Basketball Team which had on court seats.

The night started out by welcoming a majority of the teams into the gym through a tunnel made up of the UNE Cheer Team and the UNE Dance Team. On their way to their seats, the athletes were also welcomed by Jack McDonald, President Ripich, Jess Colpoys, and Stormin Norman.

Jess Colpoys and Madi Ruopp were the MCs of the night. They were upbeat and kept the UNE spirit high. Their pink crocs and entrance song of Beyonce’s “Who Run the World?” gave the night a fun and light hearted atmosphere.

The festivities also included relay races, performances from the UNE Dance Team, the UNE Cheer Team, Storm Surge, Josh Powers and Clotilde Rispal, and some t-shirt throwing.

Although there was a lack of UNE students in attendance, the stands were full of family and friends of the athletes present at the event.

Sam Delisle, a senior and a member of the UNE Men’s Soccer Team said “I spoke to a lot of my teammates and they seemed to like it.” Overall, the event seemed to be a hit with the athletes and did its job by promoting a sense of pride in not just their team but UNE Athletics as a whole.

As President Ripich stood in the spotlight in the center of the gym and welcomed us all “into the future” it was clear that this event was the start of a new age here at UNE. An age that focuses on UNE Pride in athletics and honoring the athletes that make up Nor’easter Nation.