“Grease is the Word”


Britney Broderick, Features Editor

The original movie Grease captured the America’s heart in 1978 and again with the rendition Grease Live in 2016. Rydell High came back to life along with Sandy and Danny and made it one of the most watched live shows along with the Sound of Music, featuring Carrie Underwood. Did you know that Grease Live had only 52 dance and scene rehearsals? Not only did we love the cast and crew but we loved how they brought us back to those Summer Nights.

It’s impossible to beat the original Danny and Sandy because of the amazing duo John Travolta and Olivia Newton John who have already managed to capture our fascination. However, Julianne Hough and Aaron Tevit managed to do a pretty good job. Other members of the star filled cast included Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, Carley Rae Jespen and Carlos Peña Jr.

There are worse Things Vanessa Hudgens could do than be a Pink lady. Obtaining a role that’s much different than her High School Musical days she surprised us all with her rendition of “Sandra Dee” and “There are worse Things I could do.” Her heartfelt performance of the evening was dedicated to her father, who passed away before her performance. With everything that was going on, we think she did an amazing job as Rizzo.

Beauty School Dropout Frenchie was played by Carley Rae Jespen, if you couldn’t tell from looking at her eyes. Carley wowed in her song “All I Need Is An Angel,” which was included just for her! Frenchie didn’t have a solo for this live performance, but the producers managed to include this ballad in their soundtrack. It may not have been one of the most memorable pieces of the night, but it was a nice touch.

“Freddy my Love” sung by Keke Palmer, was impressive for a live performance. Not only did the song encompass glitter and sparkle, but it also included wardrobe and scenery changes. How she did it? That is one of the secrets. We knew Keke Palmer was a good actress from her films and new hit TV show Scream Queens, but we didn’t know she could sing like that!

One of the most memorable performances of the night included the entire cast of Grease live saying goodbye to Rydell high. The three hour performance ended with all of the Pink ladies and T- Birds coming together with the rest of the cast singing “We Go Together.” If this didn’t get you singing along, I don’t know what will.

Although the original Grease movie is impossible to beat, we have to admit that the live performance did a pretty good job. It was definitely fun to see some of our favorite stars in roles we wouldn’t expect them to play. It was also great to look back on the original songs and sing along.